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PJ Moss Painting
artist: PJ Moss

Friends of Glendower

Friends of Glendower membership campaign has officially begun for 2019. The organization’s goal is to raise $20,000 cash to match the $20,000 worth of volunteer hours logged by the Friends of Glendower volunteers in 2018. 

Friends of Glendower is an organization of men and women who support Glendower Mansion & Gardens and its education mission with either monetary donations or volunteer hours.  Money and time are needed in abundance to keep both the house and the gardens available for tours and educational programs.  In 2018 the Friends of Glendower volunteers worked a total of 2560 hours valued at $8 per hour or $20,480 worth of volunteer service.

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Harmon Museum's Front Steps

Fortunately, Harmon Museum has a brand new universally accessible entrance located on the west or back side of the building. Our visitors can park in the new parking lot behind the building and come into the museum through our brand new west doors. The new entrance on the west side (back) of Harmon Museum opened August 25, 2018 and not a minute too soon.  The Broadway entrance for Harmon Museum is 18 steep steps faced with brick.  The original Harmon Museum steps were concrete back in 1913.  In the late 1960s when the City started putting in brick sidewalks, the Warren County Historical Society decided it would be nice to make Harmon Museum’s steps brick to match.  Unfortunately, the design has never held up very well and every couple of years we have to patch the steps.  We’ve had the south side steps closed down for a year because the mortar has given way and the bricks are not safe.  Now the north side is falling apart.  Clearly another patch job is not the answer.

We have talked to several concrete and paving specialists and now have a viable plan to restore the steps.  This is not a small project – 18 steps plus reinstalling the Harmon Hall railings – and the price tag is $10,000.

Read more about our front steps, on our blog.

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