Artist Spotlight: Peggy Hamlin

Peggy Hamlin bio pic
photo credit: Elaine Jones

   Almost 20 years ago, Peggy Hamlin took a pottery class with her 14 year old daughter at the local YMCA. "From the moment I put my fingers into the clay…" she said, an echo of nostalgia in her tone, "I knew I didn't ever want to stop." When asked why she favored sculpting and hand building, she explained, in true mom fashion, "the classroom only had three wheels and I wanted to make sure my daughter got one." As to why she favors animals as the subject of her work? "I enjoy the challenge but more, I just love animals. I love everything about them." If she wasn't creating pottery, Peggy says that you'd probably find her working as a veterinarian or Vet Tech. "Anywhere with animals really."  

   Come meet the animal-loving artist herself when Peggy joins seven other Warren County Potters for the art exhibition, Masters of Ceramics. The show opens with a FREE reception January 18th 6:30-8:30pm. Can't make it? The artists may be gone but the exhibition will remain through February 22nd, open to the public, at Harmon Museum, during normal business hours. (note: admission is charged for entry into the museum)

Connect with Peggy on her Facebook page and check out what she has for sale on her Etsy shop.