Artist Spotlight: Karan Witham-Walsh

Karan Witham-Walsh bio pic

   "As a potter and ceramics teacher, I love being able to spread my love of handmade pottery to others.   The act of a potter expressing themselves and creatively giving a part of their personality while bringing the depth of their experiences in clay to life within a beautiful pot is why I make pottery.    I like to make pottery because of the human connection which is formed, when one person appreciates the gifts, talents, and expressions of another and brings a handmade piece into their lives and homes.  In a world where we are constantly bombarded with technology and the newest manufactured things, the idea of slowing down to appreciate the handmade and keeping the traditions of handmade alive reminds us of our shared history and humanity."

Meet the artist herself when Karan joins seven other Warren County Potters for the art exhibition, Masters of Ceramics. The show opens with a FREE reception January 18th 6:30-8:30pm. Can't make it? The artists may be gone but the exhibition will remain through February 22nd, open to the public, at Harmon Museum, during normal business hours. (note: admission is charged for entry into the museum)

Shop some of Karan's work on her Etsy store page or let her teach you some basics of throwing on her YouTube Channel.