Blog Entries - February 2019


Lunch & Learn: Guadalcanal

Posted on: February 26, 2019
Tags: WWII, Guadalcanal, Lunch & Learn, video

Click here to view the February 2019 Lunch and Learn. Topic: Guadalcanal - A turning point in WWII Detail: At the beginning World War II, the U.S. took a terrific beating at the hands of the Japanese Army and Navy in the Pacific. That changed on

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George Washington's Birthday

National History: Presidents Day

What would America be without George Washington? We may not speak like Doctor Who or use the Queen's currency but America's first president did a LOT for the founding of our nation. He was born on February 22nd, 1732. The day was celebrated

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Jenifer Baker

Meet the Speaker: Jenifer Baker

Jenifer Baker is the Deputy Archivist of the Warren County Records Center & Archives and will be the guest speaker at March's Lunch & Learn, "Infirmary Time Capsule." Jenifer grew up in the Middletown/Monroe area and

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Family Adventure Bingo Flyer

Event: Family Adventure Bingo

Posted on: February 19, 2019
Tags: sponsors, event, list

Family Adventure Bingo is Saturday, Feb 23rd. Click here to view the full prize list. Click here to buy tickets. We'd like to thank our sponsors. Please click the sponsor's name to be taken to their website. Acapulco Mexican Restaurant AC

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Harmon Museum Steps

We Need Your Help!

Posted on: February 16, 2019
Tags: donate, Harmon Museum, support

Harmon Museum’s front steps are falling apart and no longer safe for man or beast.  Our staff has decided to launch a campaign to raise the funds needed for repairs through donations from the public. The Warren County Historical Society which

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teddy bear

National History: The Teddy Bear

Posted on: February 15, 2019
Tags: history, teddy bear, Clifford Berryman, President, Theodore Roosevelt

On this day in 1903, the teddy bear first debuted. In November 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt needed a vacation which, in the Rough Rider's case, meant hunting. On the second day, an old black bear was caught, clubbed and tied to a tree for the president

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Marcus Mote

Local History: Marcus Mote

Marcus Mote (1817-1898) was a natural born painter and photographer. For a man who never had a lesson in his life, he was remarkable. Born to a Quaker family of farmers in West Milton, Ohio. As a child, he would go into the woods to

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Dick Krehbiel

Meet the Speaker: Richard Krehbiel

Dick Krehbiel is a registered Architect with 38 years of experience in assessment and design of renovated and historic buildings. His award winning projects include Oyler School (Ohio Masonry Institute Education Design Honor Award and Preservation Award:

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