About Us

Officers & Staff

Board of Directors Officers

Bill Duning           President
Jim Norris        Vice-President
Liz Morris   Secretary
Lynn Chaney   Treasurer


Board of Directors Trustees

Patrick Allen


Sheri Bowers

Mary Kaufman


Lisa Koch

Peter Berninger


Denny Means

Carrie Murphy


 Dr. Corwin Smith


Museum Staff

Victoria Van Harlingen/Executive Director           vtappy@wchsmuseum.org
John Zimkus/Historian & Education Director   On Leave Of Absence
Mary W. Klei/Museum Curator   maryklei@wchsmuseum.org
Jeanne Doan/Exhibits Curator   jdoan@wchsmuseum.org
Rebecca Hoevenaar/Assistant Curator    
Megan Willard/Marketing Manager   mwillard@wchsmuseum.org
 Elizabeth Grauwelman/Glendower Site Manager